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It's almost Christmas! Well, sort of...

It's been just over a month since we last watched our beloved club draw 1-1 against West Ham United to escape relegation. Many of us sat on the edge of our seats waiting for that final whistle blow of a nail biter match before turning to keep a close eye on the other matches happening that day. Some of us were even watching two, and even three, matches at the same time!

It seems that the off season always feels way too long but this year, the new season is right around the corner! I think I can speak for many when I say that the first match of the season is like Christmas morning! The excitement and sleepless nights ensue while we await the possibilities that may come. Regardless of the personal celebrations we participate in, one thing is for sure. The feeling of a new season is more or less the same for all of us. It's not easy being an Aston Villa supporter. What will this season bring for us? Will we be fighting for survival again? Who will join our club and what will they do for us? The constant questions swim in our minds and the heart begins to race as we wait to watch the boys in Claret and Blue emerge from the tunnel and for that kick off whistle to sound. Whatever happens, through the ups and downs, we know that we are all here together, we are a part of this Aston Villa family, this is our club, and we will continue to roar like lions as a part of the pride.

On August 20, Aston Villa released the fixtures for the 2020-2021 season. What we do know is that our first match against Manchester City has been postponed (TBD). We all have our own reasons for looking forward to particular matches, whether we have a household or family rivalry, an exceptional away day experience, or just dislike another club or player.

With the first match of the season only a few weeks away, what matches are you looking most forward to this upcoming season?

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Brittany Klein
Brittany Klein
30 ago 2020

Where we are, we have a really small club, so it's nice to get together with others, even other supporters clubs, to watch matches. I have a buddy who is moving here next month who is a big Liverpool supporter. There is also a pretty prominent Liverpool supporters club in Winnipeg who we've gotten together with before. So I'm really looking forward to the matches against Liverpool. Same goes for Manchester United and Arsenal. The Arsenal supporters club has invited us out with them a couple times so I'm hoping to catch those matches with them again!

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